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Middle/Senior Node.JS Developer

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Crello is a visual editor launched by Depositphotos. It allows creating social media images, ad banners, posters, email headers, and other popular formats.Crello is easy to use — it doesn't matter if you are an experienced designer or a beginner. We made Crello for marketers, social media specialists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and anyone who needs a simple solution for their creative projects. As a backend engineer, you will be engaged in development and evolution of Crello microservice architecture, working in close collaboration with frontend engineers to deliver user stories to production. Необходимые навыки— Server side javascript(Nodejs) or Golang as a main language. Maybe both.— Layered Architecture principles, SOLID.— Algorithm complexity analysis (big O notation). Будет плюсом— MongoDB experience.— Distributed systems experience (queues, locks, scheduling).— DevOps experience.— Typescript experience. Обязанности In Crello, we believe in the “Measure everything” principle. You will be expected to take full control on what you’re doing, using proper monitoring tools, provided by the infrastructure team. Every engineer should ship its own code to production, so responsibility will be required — we deploy as much as we need through the day with 99.99% availability. Your code will be thoroughly reviewed by your peers, to make sure that we do the best option possible and don’t create much technical debt. We encourage horizontal knowledge transfer, so if u are interested in infrastructure development/ tooling or want to play with OpenCV to speed up video generation, this is always welcomed. Предлагаем— Competitive compensation level.— Paid Vacations (24 days), Statutory Holidays and Sick leaves.— Professional Growth.— Flexible Work Schedule.



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