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DN Institute, a non-profit research institute, is looking for a Scientific Content Writer to join a research project centered around leveraging LLM-generated synthetic data for risk modeling. This can be a part-time or a full-time position with a flexible schedule and the possibility to assume more responsibilities. It can also be a great opportunity to acquire necessary knowledge to move onto more technical positions for interested candidates. We are happy to hire someone with minimal experience, but willing to learn. Duties- Writing scientific content by leveraging LLM services.- Identifying our target audience and organizing community outreach on social media and scientific platforms.- Contributing to scientific articles on natural language processing. Tools- Latest-gen LLM services from OpenAI, Anthropic, and Google.- Mainstream social media platforms (Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)- Professional and scientific platforms (Linkedin, GitHub, Kaggle, Hugging Face, etc.) General Requirements- Fluent English. We are an international team and most of the work is done in English.- Independence. There will be no marching orders. You are expected to organize your day, get the work done, and speak up when there's a problem.- Willingness to learn. We can teach you everything and don't have any strict experience requirements, but you must be willing to learn new tools every day. Evaluation, Hiring, and Onboarding process- Candidates are offered a small challenges to complete.- One of our team members will evaluate all successful challenge submissions and a set up 30-minute Google Meet call with selected candidates.- Candidates that made it to the next stage will be offered a 3-month full- or part-time research grant with specific milestones (goals) to achieve.- On your first day, you will be assigned a number of training issues to complete during your onboarding period and a dedicated onboarding buddy who will help you close them and answer any questions along the way.- At the end of the 3-month period, we will evaluate the results of your milestone together with you and negotiate a long-term position. Conditions- You'll be a part of a small team of software engineers and NLP scientists from around the world.- We follow Hygge work culture- You will be offered a research grant with a choice of how and when you want to get paid. We are open to students and part-time candidates!- We have a clear and open research process on GitHub. You'll see the result of your work with zero red tape slowing things down.- We don't look over each other's shoulders and expect you to take the initiative, find things to do, and get them done.- We don't discriminate based on race, nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or political views. We expect the same from you. DN Institute is a resident of BlockShop incubator, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was created to support innovative projects with their software development and infrastructure needs. Over the years, we've grown it into a diverse community that helps personal projects and startups take off and mature. It acts as an open-source foundation focusing on supporting technology that brings a positive impact on society and can benefit people beyond BlockShop. Our expertise spans across Software Development, IT Security, DevOps, AI, and Applied Linguistics. In addition to this, we pool together computational resources and help early-stage projects with project management and hiring efforts.



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